Whatever your event, whether it is a birthday party or a golfing tournament, let us take care of everything. BettyO Services will provide a tailor-made package for you. No event is the same and we provide every client with a bespoke service.  Mouth-watering food, superb decorations and all the little touches that will make your event stand out, delivered by a dedicated and professional team. That’s what we provide. What are you waiting for? Contact us today. Find us on Facebook and on Instagram

Menu 1

Spring Rolls & Battered Prawns with a dip

Jollof Rice
Fried Rice
Pounded Yam & Efo Elegusi
Selection of Stewed Meat
Fried Gish garnished with mixed peppers and onions
Fried Plantain
Choice of Salad

Exotic Fruits and Cream
Vanilla ice cream

Menu 2

Yam Balls, Plantain Sticks & Chicken Tenders with salsa sauce

White Rice
Spicy Stir-fried Noodles
Curry goat
Stewed fish
Jerk chicken
Mixed greens

Assorted Cakes
Mango Sorbet

Menu 3

Puff-Puff and Stick Meat

Jollof Rice
Mixed Meat & Chicken Stew
Efo Riro
Fried Tilapia

Chapman (non-alcoholic cocktail)
Fresh fruit with Ice Cream